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French books for children, teens and adults: Reward Points Program

Welcome to our Reward Points program,

Earn points, redeem them for free books and other products on our site: 1 point = $0.50

In order to earn, accumulate and redeem your Reward Points, you need to create or use your customer account.

Log In / Create your account, here

3 ways to earn Reward Points:

  • #1 With every paid order, earn 1 Reward Point for every $10.00 you spend on eligible products on our site
  • #2 Refer your friend(s) to our site and earn 1 Reward Points for every 5 referrals
  • #3 Earn 1 Reward Point when your referred friends place their first order
  • To redeem your Reward Points:

    Your Reward Points keep accumulating on your account until you decide to redeem them. Reward Points never expire.

  • Sign in your account. It is important that you use the same account all the time as Reward Points are account specific and cannot be transferred
  • Select your items and Add your items to your cart. When your selection is complete, click on Check out
  • Follow the instructions and Select: Use my Reward Balance towards this Order
  • Select your Payment Method to pay for the balance due (if any). Press Continue and finalize your order
  • Eligible products:

    Most products on our site are eligible for Reward Points.
    All magazine subscriptions are NOT eligible for Reward Points.

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