Les incollables: CE2 - Gr. 3
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Les incollables: Grade 3

- In each box, 2 fans with question/answer
- Questions cover various subjects adapted to the level of each age group.
- Level Grade3: 2 fans, 1250 questions / answers in total.

LDF Notes: To play by yourself, with your friends or your family. Can also be used in a classroom environment.

Les incollables CE2.

- Dans chaque boite, deux eventails de questions-reponses.
- Ludiques, les questions abordent des sujets varies adaptes au niveau de connaissance des enfants.
- Niveau CE2: 2 Evantails, 1250 questions / reponses en tout.

Notes LDF: Pour jouer seul, entre amis ou en famille. Peut-etre egalement utilise en classe.

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