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Lettres d’amour de 0 à 10.

SKU: 9782211036931
Stock: 2
Terse prose and a lovable hero in the form of Ernest Morlaisse, a deprived young man whose life turns topsy-turvy with a new neighbor's arrival, give this French novel universal appeal. There is no magic involved here, just the irrepressible spirit of Victoria de Montardent. This human "bulldozer" charges into his classroom and pulls 10-year-old Ernest into the colorful, modern world lying outside the door of his 80-year-old grandmother's house, a place where daily routines are as bland and predictable as the soup he has for dinner each night. Led by Victoria , Ernest experiences a wide range of firsts: "I have tasted a delicious fondue, I have held an adorable baby in my arms, I have discovered the supermarket experience," he later reflects in a letter. He also learns the whereabouts of his long-lost father and is finally able to unveil the meaning of a puzzling missive written by his grandfather half a century ago. Not only will readers relish the serendipitous twists this novel has to offer, but their appreciation of ordinary pleasures may be heightened as they share Ernest's delight in discovering each new taste, texture, smell, sound and sight. Wrought with energy and wit, this chronicle of Ernest's metamorphosis from sheltered naif into vibrant young man is not to be missed.

Themes explored in this book: Abandonment, Friendship, Searching for ones roots.

LDF Notes: This collection specifically targets the 9 to 12 age group.

Ernest a dix ans. Dix ans de vide : sa mère est morte le jour de sa naissance et son père a disparu. Dix ans d'ennui : sa vie avec sa grand-mère, prénommée Précieuse, n'a rien de très exaltant : école, goûter, devoirs, soupe. Pas de téléphone, pas de télévision. Seule distraction : une mystérieuse lettre que le grand-père d'Ernest avait envoyée du front pendant la guerre, une lettre indéchiffrable. Ernest est bon élève, solitaire et taciturne, pour ne pas dire muet. Jusqu'au jour où Victoire de Montardent arrive dans sa classe et jette son dévolu sur lui. Car Ernest est beau, ce que les autres filles de la classe avaient déjà remarqué....

Thèmes explorés dans ce livre: Abandon, Amitié, Origines ( recherche de ses).

Notes LDF: Cette collection cible plus particulièrement le groupe des 9 à 12 ans.

Title recommended by the French Ministry of Education
French Literary Award Winner

Titre Recommandé par le Ministère de l ‘Education Nationale
Gagnant d’un Prix Littéraire Français


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Author: S. Morgenstern.
Editor: Ecole des Loisirs
Collection: More EDL Neuf - More 10 to 12 yrs Collections

Description: Soft Cover - 210 pages - 5x7 in.

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