Petit singe cherche son refuge / Little Monkey's one safe place
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Little Monkey's one safe place.

When Little Monkey is frightened by the storm he runs to his mother's side. "Don't worry," she says. "There is always one safe place." But Little Monkey doesn't know where to find his one safe place. He searches all through the jungle - in a nest, on an island, in a cave - but none of the places are his one safe place. Tired and sad, Little Monkey goes to find his mother only to realise that his one safe place is much closer to home than he expected.

LDF Notes: Bilingual version. A perfect story for mother and child to read together. Intermediate reading level.

Petit singe cherche son refuge.

Quand l'orage survient, Petit Singe cheche un refuge. Il cherche partout dans la jungle mais aucun endroit n'est parfait. Inquiet, il retourne auprès de sa maman et se rend compte que son refuge idéal était tout près...

Notes LDF: Version bilingue. Une histoire a lire avec sa maman ou pour bons lecteurs..

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