Peau d'Ane.
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A king had a beautiful wife and a rich castle, including a marvelous donkey whose droppings were gold. One day his wife died, after making him promise not to marry except to a woman whose beauty and attributes equaled hers. The king grieved, but was, in time, persuaded to seek another wife. It became clear that the only woman who would fit the promise was his own daughter. To escape the king's folly, the daughter flees the castle disguised as a donkey ...
The classic tale adapted from Charles Perrault.

LDF Notes: This collection introduces young children to time-honored tales, stories and fairy tales.

Peau d'Ane.

Il était une fois... un roi très puissant dont la fortune provenait d'un âne fabuleux qui, chaque matin, donnait de l'or au lieu de crottin. Entouré de sa femme et de sa fille, ce roi vivait parfaitement heureux. Mais hélas, un jour funeste, son épouse tomba gravement malade...

Adapté du conte de Charles Perrault.

Notes LDF: Une première bibliothèque pour découvrir les contes et histoires de toujours.

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