Le Bus Magique: Le marathon des couleurs.
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Magic Bus: Color day relay.

It's Color Day in the Friz's class. Ralphie and the rest of the Magic School Bus gang are in for an enlightening experience as they compete in a brilliant relay to learn about light and color.
When Ms. Frizzle announces that the class will be taking part in a Color Day relay, Ralphie is disappointed. He knows that a relay is all about speed, and he is always late for everything. His partners, Arnold and D.A., are smart, but they take their time to figure things out. Still, Ralphie soon realizes that his team can compete with the best and the brightest. Everyone has a chance to shine when the Friz is teaching about light and color. Get ready for a brilliant adventure with the Friz's colorful class.

LDF Notes: This collection is for science and animal lovers. The Magic Bus takes the reader on incredible adventures where he or she will learn actual scientific facts and trivia.

Le Bus Magique: Le marathon des couleurs.

Mlle Bille-en-Tête a promis une surprise à ses élèves : un " marathon des couleurs ". S'ils réussissent les épreuves, ils deviendront incollables sur le sujet ! Première découverte : les couleurs proviennent de la lumière. Toute la classe embarque alors à bord du Bus magique. Direction le Soleil, la source de toute lumière !

Notes LDF: Une collection pour les amateurs de sciences et d'animaux. Le Bus Magique enmene les lecteurs dans d'impossibles aventures ou ils decouvrent des informations et faits scientifiques.

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