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2019-2020 Subscription Year
First magazine to be released October 2019
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About ELI magazines

  • Always current: With ELI linguistic magazines you will be able to pique your students' curiosity with the most interesting current events, and get closer to their interests. Easy to use and always current, the magazines offer up-to-date material.
  • Culture Studies: A wide range of cultural items are included in the magazines to involve the students in the reality of the country. Large poster photographs, brief current events, interviews and forums offer a varied panorama of current events, curiosities and traditions.
  • 5 magazines 5 didactic units: Each magazine corresponds to a didactic unit, clearly structured and easy to use in class or at home. In every unit the lexis, grammatical structures and functions are found throughout the various pages, with the intent of facilitating learning and memorizing.
  • Current Events: The magazines supply the utmost up-to-date news, each forming part of the areas of interest of any student and are impossible to find in any course book.
  • Personalities: The most loved and current personalities (singers, sportsmen, actors, directors) involve the emotive sphere and are presented for their engagements in helping others and the environment.

About C'est Facile magazine

  • The magazine: Every issue contains an interactive vocabulary of nouns, verbs and adjectives. It's full of short articles on French current affairs, music and sports and attractive culture posters. In addition, there is an insert with DIY activities and stickers.The magazine is 16 pages long.
  • Audio: With readings from a selection of articles in the magazine. Available with Issue 1. The Audio USB Key is optional and is available for a one time charge of $15.00 per year. The audio files are available for FREE via download only. Select your desired option at the time of order.
  • Teacher's Guide: Sent with Issue 1. The teacher's guide is optional and is available for a one time charge of $15.00 per year.. The Guide is also available for FREE via download only. Select your option at the time of order.

    The Guide includes:

    • A short guide on how to use the magazines.
    • The Syllabus.
    • Photocopiable activities.
    • Language portfolio.
    • End of year self-assessment exercises.
    • Photocopiable material on culture studies

    Delivery schedule: Magazines are published and shipped 5 times a year between October and May.

    Shipping and Handling: FREE SHIPPING.

    Discounts. Significant volume and/or freight discounts are available for purchases of class sets. For more information, please contact us

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