Les lettres de mon petit frère.
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Usually all letters written on vacations are the same: great weather, having a wonderful time and so on… In this case, the letters Christophe is receiving from his younger brother are all but usual. Christophe’s brother is on a family vacation and it seems that there is something really wrong with the family…

Theme: Brother/sister relations, Correspondence, Family Vacations.

LDF Notes: Context better suited for proficient readers.

D'habitude, les lettres de vacances se ressemblent toutes. Mais celles que reçoit Christophe de son petit frère ne racontent que des catastrophes. La vérité, c'est que rien ne va plus dans cette famille!.

Thème: Frères et soeurs, Lettres / Correspondance , Vacances en famille

Notes LDF: Le contexte convient mieux à des trés bons lecteurs..

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