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DONATE to St. Joseph School - Haiti

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Meet the students and teachers of St. Joseph school, Thibeau - Haiti:

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Project #1: School Library and Teachers' Resources for St. Joseph School::

"St. Joseph’s School in Haiti Needs: teacher training, scholarships, playground equipment, soccer & phys ed uniforms, computers, an LC Projector, musical instruments, art & school supplies & solar panels..."
CNY Alliance for Haiti. A Partnership for Help & Hope. Publication. 1st ed. Vol. 1. Print.
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September 2013:
Father Joseph Almyre, original founder of the St. Joseph School in Dubre, Haiti, publishes Les Fables du Pere Almyre.

Summer 2013:
Excerpt of a translated letter sent by Serge Louis Jean, Principal of St. Joseph School:

"Dear G_____,
We have had a good year at St. Joseph's School. I am extremely satisfied with the efforts of the teachers. 93% of the students have passed. It's great especially when we consider that 80% of the parents can neither read nor write.

The efforts that have led to the student success come directly from the teachers and from my always being willing to revise the annual plan and modify the program as needed.

Once again, now for the second time, our school is the champion of the Academic Genius Contest in which 16 different schools participated. We were finalists against the school of the Holy Cross Sisters from Thibeau. (Holy Cross School) St. Joseph's School beat them with a crushing score:

=> St. Joseph's School of Dubré : 240 out of 350 points
=> Holy Cross School of Thibeau : 40 out of 350 points

Please remember that Holy Cross School is the oldest school in the zone. (over 35 years) It is known as the best school. Thanks to our efforts of the past 5 years, we are beginning to change that fact. It is not the first time our school won, because in 2011 we eliminated them in the semi finals.

We are well aware that the churches in the United States make many efforts to help Saint Joseph's School. We do our best to provide a quality education to the students. In Haiti if a student does not do well in primary school, his education will not continue.

I cannot stop thanking you for all that you do for Haiti. I see in you a Haitian mother. Please encourage the Haiti committee at St. Jame's Catholic Church and the Haiti team at the Presbyterian Church with these words telling of the success of the students at St. Joseph's School.

I have done my best to keep up the morale of the teachers by reminding them that we work for the future of Haiti and for the benefit of each individual child. We are on vacation now. I am available to communicate with you.

Hold fast to what is good.
Your friend,

School Year ending 2013:
St. Joseph School places first in a final academic competition with 16 other schools. There are 300 students in K- 6th grade.

May 2011: Newsletter: Le Cocorico .Click on the link to view the latest issue of the AATF (New York Central) newsletter (page 9 & 10) for the most current update on the project.

April 2011: New pictures from the trip added to the slide show above. See the Literacy Centers in Thibeau, Bordes and Coronol.

March 2011:
Total available budget of $600 (donations + 50% matching) was allocated to:

  • Library books in French (Gr. 3 - 6): $150 - Books to be delivered to the school on April 2, 2011
  • Library books in Creole (Gr. K - 2): $60 - 2 French novels (Class sets): $260 - Teachers Resources: $130. Books to be chosen by local teachers in April 2011 and delivered to St Joseph in June 2011.
Your donations made this first shipment possible, thank you.

Project #2: Public Library in Dubre, Haiti::

"Library Needs: Furniture, computers, books, magazine & newspaper subscriptions, solar panels, books in Creole & French, training of library personnel, yearly operational expenses."
CNY Alliance for Haiti. A Partnership for Help & Hope. Publication. 1st ed. Vol. 1. Print.
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March 2011:
Upon completion of the building, we will start allocating a portion of all donations + matching to fund the purchase of library books and other printed material.


  • 100% of donated amount is allocated to the Project(s)
  • We do not send cash, only actual books previously chosen by the local teachers or trainers
  • Lectures de France adds a matching contribution of 50% to your donation.

    $1 donated = $1.50 contributed to the Project(s)


For more information, please contact us @ info@lecturesdefrance.com

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